Upcoming Conferences:

2016: Tampa, FL (Conference Chair: John Barberet; Program Chair: Justin Nordstrom)

Past Meetings, Programs, & Minutes

2015: Pittsburgh, PA (November 5-8) :Conference Chair: Cliff Manlove; Program Chair: Clint Jones), #SUS2015

2014: Montréal, Québec (Conference Chair: Brian Greenspan; Program Chair: Pete Sands)

2013: Charleston, South Carolina (Conference Chair: Claire Curtis; Program Chair: Dina Smith)

2012: Toronto, Ontario: 4-7 October (Conference Chair: Peter Fitting; Program Chair: Lyman Tower Sargent)

2011: Stage College, PA; October 20-23 (Conference Chair: Jennifer Wagner-Lawlor; Program Chair: Sonja Fritzsche): #SUS11


2010: 35th Annual Meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Peter Sands; Brian Greenspan), Program

2009: 34th Annual Meeting in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina (Peter Stillman; Claire Curtis), 2009 Program

2008: 33rd Annual Meeting in Portland, Maine (Naomi Jacobs; Shelton Waldrep), 2008 Program

2007: 32nd Annual Meeting in Toronto, Ontario (Peter Fitting; Phillip Wegner), 2007 Program

2006: 31th Annual Meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado (Brenda Tooley; Carrie Hintz), 2006 Program

2005: 30th Annual Meeting in Memphis, Tennessee (Jennifer Wagner-Lawlor; Doretta Cornell), 2005 Program

2004: 29th Annual Meeting in Toronto, Ontario (Peter Fitting; Alex MacDonald), 2004 Program

2003: 28th Annual Meeting in San Diego, California (Paul Majkut; Naomi Jacobs), 2003

2002: 27th annual meeting in Orlando, Florida (John Barberet; Peter Sands), 2002 Program and 2002 Minutes

2001: 26th Annual Meeting in Buffalo, NY (Lynda Schneekloth; Phillip Wegner), 2001 Program and  2001 Minutes

2000: 25th Annual Meeting in Vancouver, B.C. (Nancy Sloan Goldberg; Andrea Anderson), 2000 Program and  2000 Minutes

1999: 24th Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX (Alex MacDonald; Peter Fitting), 1999 Minutes


1997 Memphis: Jennifer Wagner; Peter Fitting

1996 Nashville: Nancy Sloan Goldberg

1995 Toronto: June Deery; Mickey Abrash; Peter Fitting

1994 Toronto: Kenneth Roemer; Peter Fitting

1993 St. Louis: Lyman Tower Sargent; Naomi Jacobs

1992 Baltimore: Carol Kolmerten

1991 Las Vegas: Felicia F. Campbell

1990 Lexington, KY: Susan Matarese

1989 Asilomar Conference Ctr.: Samson Knoll

1988 Emerson College: Lynn Williams

1987 Penn State Delaware County: Carol Farley Kessler

Pacific Grove, CA: Dennis Rohatyn

1986 Asilomar Conference Ctr.: Samson Knoll; Michael Orth

1985 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: Mickey Abrash

1984 University of Missouri-St Louis: Lyman Tower Sargent

1983 Indiana University of Pennsylvania: Edward D. Wilson

1982 University of New Brunswick: William Prouty

1981 Virginia Polytechnic Institute: Nicholas Smith

1980 Pennsylvania State University: Arthur O. Lewis

1979 University of Colorado-Denver: Michael Cummings

1978 Pennsylvania State University: Arthur O. Lewis

1977 University of Michigan: Gorman Beauchamp; Alexandra Aldridge

1976 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: Mickey Abrash

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