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Utopus Discovered is an informal publication of the Society for Utopian Studies currently edited by Alex Hall of Kent State University. Featuring a wide variety of utopian content, Utopus Discovered has become a space for the utopian conversation to flourish online. While you may find columns on teaching in the field of utopian studies, reports from the society’s sister organizations in other parts of the world (that is, outside the United States and Canada), updates from committees within the society, reviews, and creative pieces, there is also a significant amount of utopian miscellany (affectionately referred to as “Miscellaneotopia”). Please join the conversation by looking around and commenting. If you have ideas for posts, contact the editor at ahall43[at]kent[dot]edu.

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One thought on “About Utopus Discovered

  1. Dear Utopus Discovered,

    There is an amazing book by Emmanuel-Yves Monin called “Chez les b√Ętisseurs d’utopies” that offers us a very indepth view of utopias in whatever form they were manifested on Earth. Mr. Monin founded a community in Australia and he visited communities all over the world before to write his book.

    The book is in French and it would be a worthwhile project to translate it. I would be happy to help make this valuable book available for English speakers. Please visit his site and discover this extraordinary writer.

    Diana Hamilton

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