Utopia—Where the Future is Amazing.

Another little something from miscellaneotopia here.

As an electric guitar player in a jamband, I’m always shopping for the next effects pedal to make noise with on stage.  I recently stumbled across the Rocktron Utopia series of floor processors, which are essentially computers that sit on the floor and generate different sound filters for whatever instrument you plug into them.  When you touch a button with your foot, you’ll apply any number of effects to your sound.  As guitar players are always looking for that perfect sound, Utopia is an apt marketing device.  They also make effects units for bass guitar, and that is where I found the line “Play in Utopia where the future is amazing.”  Reading that, well, I immediately thought, “it’s time for a new post on Utopus,” so here ya go.

Check out the full line of Rocktron Utopia effects here.

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