The Eastside Island Utopia Project

Dave Bell writes, “At the end of 2010 I worked as the writer in residence for ‘The Bookmobile Project’, a mobile arts/theory library which formed part of Sideshow Festival in Nottingham, UK. I began the project hoping to write a ‘future-history’ of a utopian community which emerged on a (real life) tract of abandoned land near the city centre of Nottingham, but quickly decided I wanted to make the project collaborative.

“I’ve just set up a website to explain the ideas behind the project and- more importantly- to host the text itself. It also details how you can contribute to the utopian text if you so wish. The website can be found at

“I’d be delighted if people did add stuff, or even if they had any thoughts/comments on the text, the project or anything else (critical comments welcome). Please feel free to engage in any way you see fit, and to disseminate it as far and wide as possible!”

Here again is that link:

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