SUS Conference Dropbox

Well, we’ve made it through another year.  Our 35th Annual Meeting has come and gone, Milwaukee, Wisconsin having hosted us well.  To properly archive the event, a dropbox folder has been set up where you can put your pictures and anything else you like to share from the conference.  The contributions will be used to compile the next print issue of Utopus Discovered, which will hit mailboxes before the end of the year.  We’re hoping to get any issues we’ve had with what addresses we have reconciled so that everyone gets this next issue, so if you haven’t gotten the last two issues, don’t worry.  We’re pretty confident we’ve got it all straightened out.

In any case, in order for you to be able to add things to the “SUS Conference Stuff” Dropbox folder, you’ll need to drop the dropbox folder moderator a line so he can get you added.  You can do so by emailing the editor.  He’ll get you added straightaway and you can show us your stuff.

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