Googling Utopia

Back in October I thought it might be interesting for Miscellaneotopia if I were to simply Google the word “utopia” and report my findings.  On the first page of search results alone, I turned up the Wikipedia page on Utopia, an online role-playing game called Utopia that has apparently been around since 1998 (plus two additional sites that offer tools for maximizing play!), a sixteen-city fiber-optic network in Utah called Utopia, a salon in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio called Utopia (this one comes up, no doubt, because I live one city over from Cuyahoga Falls), a line of eyewear (goggles and the like) for surfers and motocross riders, an Ohio-based motorcycle upholstery business specializing in a custom seat design called “The Utopia,” a website called Utopia: Asian Gay & Lesbian Resources, the definition of utopia, and the text of Thomas More’s Utopia hosted on an instructor webpage at Oregon State University.  I’m not sure what I was expecting to come up having performed such a search, but the results were, well, diverse—to say the least.  It might be interesting for other Utopus Discovered readers to Google utopia and report their first-page findings too.  Takers?

One thought on “Googling Utopia

  1. I got the Wikipedia articles for “utopia” the term and “Utopia” the More novel, the roleplaying game and extensions, the Asian gay and lesbian resources group; but also a bathroom furniture group, a commercial interior designers, a protein analysis suite from the bioinformatics group at Manchester University, and a utopia resource page at the British Library “learning history” site. The location related difference might be due to the fact that I’m based in London, but otherwise the results are not that different from yours.

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