Alaskan Dreams 11.04.10

With the darkness surrounding me and wet snow falling, it’s hard to imagine too much utopian about Alaska. Or is it? Once again the democratic process proved that it can get it right every once in a while. It looks likely (as I predicted—you can imagine me giving myself a pat on the back right now even as I type) that Lisa Murkowski (as a write-in candidate) will beat Jim Miller in the election despite having lost to him in the Republican primary. Now, of course, if this were really a eutopian world, then the Democrat contender, Scott McAdams would have won. But as usual the Dems screwed things up by running a no-name in the belief that Murkowski would win the Primary. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. On the other hand, Sarah Palin showed up with her tea party elite to support Miller and that didn’t impress Alaskans at all. We sort of remember that she ducked out as governor when some work had to be done.

I assume that most of you don’t pay that much attention to politics in the 49th State, so here’s a very brief primer from a utopian pov. Miller is truly scary. Truly, truly scary. One of the scariest politicians to come along in my life time. He’s guilty of numerous ethical lapses (aka lies); he surrounds himself with bodyguards (“get over yourself” comes to mind as a refrain); he would essentially dissolve large parts of the federal government on the grounds that individuals always know what’s right.

Now, I really don’t like Murkowski at all. She got where she got because of nepotism (she was appointed to the Senate by her father, Frank “the Bank”). She has all the spine of a contortionist. She pretends to be centrist when she’s pretty right wing. However, she’s a known quantity and won’t make Alaska look dumb as shit (can I say that word in a blog?).

Back to climatic utopia, not the political sort. Dawn’s breaking; the slush isn’t frozen anymore; and the mountains are bleeding spectacular. Perhaps there’s a utopia hidden somewhere just behind Flattop. I shall go and take a look.

—Toby Widdicombe

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