Utopian Bibliography Returns

Stephanie Stripling, having volunteered at the last meeting of the Society for Utopian Studies, has come through with a reboot of the utopian bibliography, which was traditionally part of the Utopus Discovered package, but is now its own entity of sorts.  Stephanie has put my blog-designing skills to shame, as you’ll see, but I’m okay with it.

Discoveries: A Bibliography for the Utopian Inclined

Utopus Rediscovered (Again Once More)

Utopus Discovered is proud to bring you a re-inauguration of the most(ly) informal newsletter of the Society for Utopian Studies.  Now edited by Alex Hall of Kent State University, Utopus is back!  In this issue: “How [Tom Moylan] Came to Utopia,” “In Memory of Art Lewis,” and Miscellaneotopia presents Dystopia you can drink!  Okay, you can’t really drink it.

Utopus Discovered – January 2010