əkoostik hookah’s “Utopia”

I recently discovered that the Ohio-based jamband əkoostik hookah has a song called “Utopia” that appeared on its first album, Under Full Sail (1991).  Although the band has been around at least since ‘91, they haven’t done much outside the Ohio regional music scene.  Nevertheless, Under Full Sail was revisited by the jam-rock band, whose original singer, John Mullins, rejoined the band after a long absence in 2007 (but left again in 2010).  At that time, the band entered the studio and rerecorded songs from the original Under Full Sail record, then performed a live concert in the studio space for its most die-hard fans.  Among the tracks on the resulting release (entitled Under Full Sail: It All Comes Together), is the song, “Utopia.”  In spite of these developments, a quick internet search will not help to find lyrics to the song, but some enterprising utopia scholar interested in music may take up the task (hint hint).  There is also a rather impressive YouTube video of the band performing the song live in 2004 available here.

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  1. Other songs of interest to utopians, utopists and utopiasts might include:
    “Utopia” by Golfrapp, on the “Felt Mountain” album
    “Utopia EP” by Cari Lekebusch
    “Lucid Dreams” by Franz Ferdinand (from “Tonight”)

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