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Society for Utopian Studies Resources

Utopus Discovered
Alex Hall, a PhD student at Kent State University, has taken on the task of resurrecting the Society for Utopian Studies newsletter, Utopus Discovered, including this online counterpart. The site is in blog format, and comments are welcomed.

The older site (run Toby Widdicombe) can be found here.

Discoveries: A Bibliography for the Utopian Inclined
Compiled by Stephanie Stripling

SUS Teaching Website

Scholarly Discussion Lists

H-Utopia Discussion List

Utopian Studies Group (The Graduate Center, CUNY)
The “Utopian Studies Group” is an interdisciplinary initiative that brings together CUNY Graduate Center students, faculty, and community members interested in the study of “utopia” broadly-defined. In addition to speculative fiction (utopias, dystopias, science fiction, fantasy), the group explores the philosophical, political, economic, religious, and cultural underpinnings of the utopian impulse as well as actual utopian instantiations (ex: digital space, virtual reality, critical pedagogy, grassroots movements, intentional communities).


Special Collections and Research Centers

Arthur O. Lewis Utopia Collection at Penn State University

Utopian Projects

Ralahine Center for Utopian Studies

Ralahine Utopian Studies Series 

Open Utopia


Online Utopian Bibliographies and Dictionaries

Dictionary of Imaginary Places

Feminist S/F and Science Fiction: A Checklist

Science Fiction and Utopias by Women (Bibliography)

Utopian Writing, 1516-1798

Online Exhibitions

British Library Site
Learning: Dreamers and Dissenters

Six people, 20 days, an expedition into 2 dimensions

New York Public Library Exhibit: Utopia

Utopia Station exhibit at the Venice Biennale

Text Collections

Sacred Texts Archive: Utopias and Dystopias

Utopian Thought and Philosophy Links

Altertopian, edited by Dan Smith

Andy Woods on Omnitopia

Chinese-language science fiction research workshop

Early Nineteenth-Century Utopian Philosophy

Edutopia: What Works in Education

Fresh Hell: What’s behind the boom in dystopian fiction for young readers
[Laura Miller, The New Yorker]

The Futures of Utopia guest edited by Robert Savage. Colloquy: text theory critique 14 (2007)

Jon Will’s Utopia on the Internet

The New Atlantis
Heroism, Modernism, and the Utopian Impulse

The New Atlantis
The Moral Life of Cubicles: The Utopian Origins of Dilbert’s Workspace

Open Source Radio: The History of Utopia, January 23rd, 2007

Perfection: Classical Utopias (British Library)

Science Fiction Films (AMC)

Les Sentiers de l’Utopie/ Paths Through Utopia: a 6 month journey through Europe in search of ways of living despite capitalism

SFMOMA Dystopian Film Festival

Shibuya/ Analysis [Contemporary Utopias, Architecture]

Tressants — the “Invisible Cities” hotel on Menorca

Utopian Socialism

Individual Utopian Authors

Margaret Atwood’s website

Octavia Butler

Ernest Callenbach

Tommaso Campanella

Margaret Cavendish Society

Philip K. Dick

Alex Garland’s “The Beach” (Salon.com article by Stephanie Zacharek)

Charlotte Perkins Gilman Society

Aldous Huxley Society

Ursula K. LeGuin’s Website

Bill Moyers Interview with Ursula K. Le Guin about “The Lathe of Heaven”

Thomas More’s Utopia (British Library site)

The William Morris Society

George Orwell [BBC]

Robert Owen and New Lanark

Kim Stanley Robinson lecture: “Science, Religion, Ideology” [YouTube]

Sherri S. Tepper

H. G. Wells Society

Related Scholarly Societies

Communal Studies Association

Utopian Studies Society (Europe)

International Communities

In PIctures: Eight Modern Utopias [Forbes]

Intentional Communities Directory

Oneida Community photographs at Syracuse University library

Shaker Village at Sabbathday Lake


Science Fiction Studies (Depauw University)

Spaces of Utopia (Faculdade de Letras Universidade do Porto)

utopia and utopianism: Utopian Studies Journal (The University Book)

The Utopian (Alexander Lee, Thomas Meaney, Yascha Mounk)

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