The Society’s Teaching Committee fosters the discussion/sharing resources of education, teaching, and pedagogy in relation to utopia.  Its Teaching Utopia site houses the teaching archives: a collection/discussion of utopian teaching materials (syllabi, assignments, etc.).

The Teaching Committee of the Society for Utopian Studies (SUS) invites you to submit course materials related to the teaching of utopianism, in any form. Materials at all levels (K-12, undergraduate, graduate) and from all disciplines are encouraged: topics may include utopian/dystopian literature, film, philosophy, architecture, urban planning, public policy, political science, etc.

Syllabi complete with course description/rationale, readings, and assignment structure are encouraged. If you are submitting individual assignments, it would be helpful to include an overview that identifies the assignment’s purpose/rationale as well as specific guidelines, details, and grading/assessment criteria.

Submitted materials will be published on the Society’s website and will serve as both an archive for other scholars/teachers and the basis for future discussion/collaboration on utopian pedagogy.
You should send syllabi/assignments electronically (as separate Word documents or PDF files) to the SUS Teaching Committee: teaching@utopian-studies.org

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