Toronto Info/Guide

Brendon Langer and Christina Braid have prepared a wonderful guide on local information (restaurants and lots more). Download the guide as a PDF or a Word document.

The following information is from Peter Fitting:

1) MUSIC. There is lots of music in Toronto. The best source for classical and jazz is
for listing for clubs see

2) FOOD. we will have a list available in your conference packet.

Breakfast on Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well as lunch on Saturday are included in your registration. There will be some food at the receptions on Thursday and Saturday.

3) Museums etc. see
We are a 15″ walk from the Art Gallery of Ontario, 20″ from the Royal Ontario Museum.

4) GETTING TO THE HOTEL. There are the usual: Airport Express (about $25) and taxi ($50+), but if you are prepared to take a bus then the subway, it will cost you only $3 from the airport. You will need to go downstairs from the arrivals lounge; there is a ticket window inside and a number of TTC bus stops outside. You are looking for the #192 Airport Rocket which takes you into the Kipling subway station. Kipling is the end of the line so the train only goes east; you will need to change to the Yonge line South (at Yonge) and go 2 stops south to College. From there continue walking south on Yonge one long block to Gerrard: the hotel is a few doors to your right.

You will need a ticket or the exact fare ($3) to get on the bus. Since the Canadian dollar is above the US dollar at the moment they may not accept US cash.

5) WIFI. There is WiFi in the lobby and free internet in your rooms, but via an Ethernet cable. This means that if you have an iPad, for instance, you will need some sort of adapter (or Airport Express).

6) Be sure and bring a passport: you will not be able to get back into the U.S. without one.