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Nominating Committee
Awards Committee
Membership Committee
Teaching Committee

2013-2014 Steering Committee

Phil Wegner, President/Chair (-2014)
Jennifer Wagner-Lawlor, President-Elect (2013-2014), President/Chair (2014-2016)
Gib Prettyman, Secretary/Treasurer
Naomi Jacobs, Chair, Nominating Committee (-2014)

Ex-Officio (with vote):
Nicole Pohl, Editor, Utopian Studies
Alex Hall, Editor, Utopus Discovered
Jill Belli, Web Site Liaison
Peter Sands, H-Net
Rebecca Totaro, Awards Chair  (-2014)
Brian Greenspan, Membership Chair (-2014)
Carrie Hintz, Teaching Committee Chair (-2014)

Conference Chairs:
Claire Curtis, 2013 Local Chair, Charleston, SC (-2014)
Dina Smith, 2013 Program Chair, Charleston, SC (-2014)
Brian Greenspan, 2014 Local Chair, Montreal (-2015)
Peter Sands, 2014 Program Chair, Montreal (-2015)

At-Large Members:
Justin Nordstrom (-2015)
Beate Rodewald (-2015)
Mark Tabone (-2014)
Corina Kesler (-2014)

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Nominating Committee

Naomi Jacobs, Chair (-2014)
Carrie Hintz (-2014)
Justin Nordstrom (-2015)

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Awards Committee

Rebecca Totaro, Chair (-2014)
Antonis Balasopoulos  (-2014)
Toby Widdicombe (-2014)
Ruth Levitas (-2015)
Nathaniel Coleman (-2015)

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Membership Committee

Brian Greenspan, Chair, Membership (-2014)
Brian Greenspan, 2014 local chair
Peter Sands, 2014 program chair
Nicole Pohl, Editor of Utopian Studies
Gib Prettyman,  Secretary-Treasurer
Stephanie Boluk (-2015)

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Teaching Committee

Carrie Hintz, Chair (-2014)
Jill Belli (-2016)
Pete Sands (-2014)
Christina Braid (-2015)

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