Collective Dreams: Political Imagination and Community

Author: Keally McBride

Publication Info: Penn State Press, 2005.

“How do we go about imagining different and better worlds for ourselves? Collective Dreams looks at ideals of community, frequently embraced as the basis for reform across the political spectrum, as the predominant form of political imagination in America today. Examining how these ideals circulate without having much real impact on social change provides an opportunity to explore the difficulties of practicing critical theory in a capitalist society.”
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Community Reading and Social Imagination

Authors: Michael Bérubé, Hester Blum, Christopher Castiglia, and Julia Spicher Kasdorf

Publication Info: PMLA. 125.2. The Modern Language Association of America (March 2010): 418-425.

This article is written by four colleagues in the Penn State English department who believe that “reading is a powerful vehicle for community building, for democratic deliberation, and for imaginative reinvention of seeming inevitabilities”. The article discusses the value of community reading within this context.

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A Conservationist Manifesto

Author: Scott Russell Sanders

Publication Info: Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 2009.

“As an antidote to the destructive culture of consumption dominating American life today, Scott Russell Sanders calls for a culture of conservation that allows us to savor and preserve the world, instead of devouring it. How might we shift to a more durable and responsible way of life? What changes in values and behavior will be required? Ranging geographically from southern Indiana to the Boundary Waters Wilderness and culturally from the Bible to billboards, Sanders extends the visions of Henry David Thoreau, John Muir, and Rachel Carson to our own day. A Conservationist Manifesto shows the crucial relevance of a conservation ethic at a time of mounting concern about global climate change, depletion of natural resources, extinction of species, and the economic inequities between rich and poor nations. The important message of this powerful book is that conservation is not simply a personal virtue but a public one.”



Author/Screenwriter: Aleksandar Sarovic

“I’ve tried to write my book “Humanism” in a very simple language, however it still may be difficult for understanding to an average reader. That is the reason I’ve additionally created a story, which simply through a dialog, presents some of the most important characteristics of the system I have proposed. Taking into consideration that today’s people much more watch movies than read novels, I present it in a form of  screenplay.

Right now I am trying to find a director or producer for this movie. Until I succeed, by reading this screenplay you may get to know generally how a very developed society will look like in the future. Also, it is a comedy, so that you will have lots of fun reading it.”

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