Utopian Studies, vol 21, no 1

A publication of the Society for Utopian Studies, 2010.

Included in this volume are the following articles:

“Preliminary Sketches for the Reappearance of HyBrazil” by Sean Lynch

“A Conversation at Sea” by Matt Packer and Sean Lynch

“Utopian Studies, Environmental Literature, and the Legacy of an Idea: Educating Desire in Miguel Abensour and Ursula K. Le Guin” by Christine Nadir

“Sinking ‘Like a Corpse’ or Living the ‘Soul’s Full Desire’: Shaker Women in Fiction and History” by Richard M. Marshall

“Scottish Utopian Fiction and the Invocation of God” by Timothy C. Baker

“A Grenade With the Fuse Lit: William S. Burroughs and Retroactive Utopias in Cities of the Red Night” by Sean Grattan

“Michael Flürscheim: From the SIngle Tax to Currency Reform” by Lyman Tower Sargent


Community Reading and Social Imagination

Authors: Michael Bérubé, Hester Blum, Christopher Castiglia, and Julia Spicher Kasdorf

Publication Info: PMLA. 125.2. The Modern Language Association of America (March 2010): 418-425.

This article is written by four colleagues in the Penn State English department who believe that “reading is a powerful vehicle for community building, for democratic deliberation, and for imaginative reinvention of seeming inevitabilities”. The article discusses the value of community reading within this context.

Online Access .

Catalogue of the James J. Kopp Collection: Works by and about Edward Bellamy and American Utopian Literature

Author: James J. Kopp

Publication Info: Portland: Berberis Press, 2009

“The catalogue includes primary sources, studies of Bellamy and American utopian lit – and many fine reproductions of the covers of Bellamy’s works from around the world and other related illustrations, and typed out versions of inscriptions in many of the books signed by Bellamy family members, and the likes of Van Wyck Brooks, Ernest Callenbach, Robert Elliott, Edward Everett Hale, Vachel Lindsey, Arthur Morgan,  even Billy Sunday.”

ISBN: 978-0-61532251-3