“Eutopias and Dystopias of Science.”

Author: Lyman Tower Sargeant

Book Title: Imagining the Future: Utopia and Dystopia

Also found in: Numbers 25 and 26 of Arena Journal

Editors:  Andrew Milner, Matthew Ryan, and Robert Savage

Publication Info:  North Carlton, Vic, Australia: Arena Publications Association, 2006.  pp357-71

Translated as “Eutopias e Distopias da Ciência.” by Helvio G. Moraes. Morus: Utopia e renascimento, no. 4 (2007): 79-90.

ISBN: 0-958181-8-9

Many eutopian and dystopian works & thinkers are incorporated into this article – nice resource for science-fiction research.